March 2020: Hawai’i County Poll

Voters on Hawai’i Island have been polled on various topics by the Hawai’i Connection. The Hawai’i Connection recognizes that polling gives an overall outlook of what the socio-political environment looks like through a sample of answers from the community. Multiple polls will be taken in the course of the 2020 election and we will continueContinue reading “March 2020: Hawai’i County Poll”

Running for Office 101

By. Bronsten Kossow — Is it that time of year again? Names of candidates, both new and old, have started appearing out of nowhere in all forms of advertising: on lawn signs; in your mailbox on flyers; random people may have started knocking on your door to try to get your support; scrolling through social media and seeing a “Sponsored by the Friends of….” post. And why would that be? Well, February 3, 2020 marks the start of campaign season.

Just Mercy: Preemptory Challenge

By. Bronsten Kossow As a disclaimer, I’m not the type of person who writes  a movie review to tell you about shots, styles, depth of field, or even the cast. Usually, I tend to depict how it applies to society or will affect the  future. That being said, here is the “Just Mercy” film review,Continue reading “Just Mercy: Preemptory Challenge”

Impeachment: A Political Death Trap

By. Bronsten Kossow     Who would have ever thought that the timing of everything is so unique in the political world. On one side, you have a President who has the possibility of being booted out of office, and on the other hand, a charismatic orchestration of divine opposition to that President. Yes, this isContinue reading “Impeachment: A Political Death Trap”

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